Sunday, January 31, 2010


It snowed in Nashville and I have been so happy! It's always so magical to have snow,  it reminds me of being a kid and growing up in Washington State. Skiing was the official family sport of the Jensen family, so I love the stuff. FYI: It hasn't snowed this much in Nashville since 2003, so this was a huge treat. I woke up Friday morning and it didn't stop pouring for at least 15 hours. It took a little break and dumped some more. My little ruler measured 7 inches in the backyard... Andy & I had a great time, we went on a walk through the neighborhood, made snow cream, sledded with the neighbor kids, played Wii and watched movies. It was a glorious snow filled weekend!

P.S. You might notice Andy & I have matching jackets, I know that's cute - but it's not our general style. When Andy was with Little Big Town we ended up in Steam Boat Springs for a gig and they gave us the jackets for FREE. As you know, I love FREE stuff - so we wear them proudly every winter.

Andy - wiped out on the sled

I'm headed down the hill

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